Wall Graphics

Corporate Wall Graphics are a great solution to transform an ordinary wall into a highly visible advertising and branding solution.

advertising wraps

Nothing grabs the public’s attention better than creative advertising.

custom advertising wraps

We specialize in multiple types of media that can be tailored to any surface type, indoor and outdoor.

window wraps

An inexpensive and creative way to highlight your storefront windows with your logo.

windows wraps

This window wrap is seen by hundreds to thousands of people each week and will result in positive sales.

windows wraps

Windows wraps offer an immediate reflection on your branding.

AdWraps Gets Your Brand Maximum Exposure

Out-of-home advertising (sometimes referred to as OOH) is essentially any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while he or she is outside the home.

This is in contrast to broadcast, print, or internet advertising, which may be delivered to viewers while away from home (e.g. tradeshows, newsstands, lobbies, etc.) but are usually viewed in the home or office.

While historically considered to be an outdoor medium, out-of-home advertising has moved indoors to malls, shopping centers and individual retail stores.

In addition to Mobile Marketing, Event Marketing and Business Wraps, AdWraps also specializes in Out-of-Home (OOH) and Outdoor Advertising both nationally and locally.

We simplify the complex process of an OOH campaign for you by handling the entire process: research, planning, location identification, rate negotiation, campaign monitoring and production. We provide you with one point-of-contact for a cost-effective and successful outdoor advertising campaign.

AdWraps has been in the Outdoor Advertising business for 12 years and we have developed strong industry relationships and an extensive media-buying power.

This is how we negotiate the best rates and locations for our clients. So whether you need Wallscapes in Los Angeles, Digital Billboards in New York, or Large Banners in Miami, AdWraps will help make your campaign a success.

AdWraps capabilities enable standard or complex targeting to deliver advertiser messages only to the venues and screens that meet the target audience profile and campaign objectives, effectively and efficiently. The company offers best-in-class service supported by an advanced media platform and in-depth supporting research and consumer analytics.

We invite you to view our extensive gallery of advertising and vehicle wraps.

Contact us with any questions about advertising.

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